Hi!  My name is Noelle.  Let's get to the good stuff:

I like food.  I like to sing.  I like picnics.  I like golden sunlight.  I like being barefoot.  I like wild flowers.  I like fruit, so so much fruit.  And I absolutely love photography.  With photography I get to be around people who are in love, who are starting a new life or celebrating an old one, people who are at their happiest, and I get to capture people in those times so that they can look back and recognize how sweet their time alive has been.  I adore where I'm from.  I adore the evergreens, the mountains running all the way down to the sea, the endless and abounding nature.  I love shooting in nature.  Nature is pure, and romantic, and endlessly inspiring.  It's these places that allow me to create portraits of people as their most authentic and free-spirited selves.  If this sounds like you, if you think we'd work well together, PLEASE get a hold of me and let's make something beautiful.