olympic national park wedding photography

MY WEDDING!!!!! (Part 1)

July 29, 2017. I will forever remember that day as one of the most magical days of my life. A day where in front of my incredible community of friends and family I vowed to love Braden forever. I'm a big fan of letting photos speak for themselves so I won't say much more. I hope you'll be able to get a little glimpse into the beauty and joy of our wedding day. Enjoy, friends. 

All photography is by Catherine Coons

Floral design by Fire and Blooms



French Alps

This Thanksgiving was so different than any I've had before. Instead of having a feast with my family (which I LOVE), I spent it exploring the French Alps with Braden. It was so much fun constantly stopping the car and running around trying to find the best views and the most snow. There wasn't very much snow because we went about a month too early. Thankfully we are going back in January and I'm going to learn how to ski in the ALPS. Is there a better place to learn? I don't think so.